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Welcome to DealZone.co.za (the "DealZone" or "Site"). Listed below are the terms and conditions applicable to all users of this Site (the "Terms"). Please read the terms and conditions carefully and not use the site if you do not agree to them. Note that use of the site subject to consent as well as full terms of use and that any use of his website will attest to read terms and conditions and agree to act on them. If you do not agree to the terms outlined in these guidelines, you are requested to desist from using the site.

In these terms:

"Operator" - A.S.SendMe technologies LTD Including its managers, employees, consultants, shareholders, and its team of experts, content managers and their representatives.
"User" - any person, corporation or entity to make use of the Site and / or a search engine and / or implementation and / or information and / or service of any kind, the existing site and / or which is available through the site and you are among them.
1. Web site's content and its implementation, all or some, may appear and be displayed except on the Internet in all media media to another, and terms and conditions listed below are relevant and apply to each channel and / or communications media that appear and / or appear in the site content and / or its application is wholly or partly, mutatis mutandis and without prejudice.

2. stated in these terms the masculine gender also refers to the female. above in these terms in the singular also refers to many. headings are for convenience only and do not credit them with meaning.


3.Terms of Use regulate the relationship between the operator and the user. Operator reserves the right to update and / or modify the terms and conditions from time to time at its sole discretion and without having to give any notice to the user, and these conditions require the user once they are published on the site.

4. DealZone is a site which aggregates deals and provides the user with a variety of transactions (the "Daily Deals") famous e-commerce sites according to geographical sales regions, product classification, product price and functions depending on the search requirements listed on the site.

5. The purpose of the site comes down to concentration promotions website visitors and users and referral e-commerce sites. DealZone is not involved in the sale or supply of products offered on sites which.

Disclaimer Operator

6. The site is not a sales site and the operator is not considered a seller in every way all that he and / or offering of sale of products and / or services.

7. Content and information received in DealZone or through the user are displayed as they are on - by selling and / or advertisers, without any involvement of the operator. The data displayed on the site as search results and / or linked to - by the site, edited and developed by people and / or their bodies no operator control.

8. Site search results are displayed by the computerized automatic mechanism of the site based on reports collected from sellers and / or advertisers. Information and data are those of the sellers and / or advertisers. The operator will not be responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information displayed on the site including details about the seller, the nature of products sold, names of manufacturers, product prices and representations to be displayed and / or distributed by the sellers or advertisers.

9. images that appear on the site, are for illustration purposes only and do not indicate necessarily the form appearance of the product or service, the actual selling model or technical specifications of the product or service sold by the sellers, are referenced by the site.

10. Any reliance by a user and / or any third party, on any content, information, advertisements, products, services, opinions and attitudes, displayed or advertised on the Site and / or sites of which there is a referral option, was based on the user's discretion and sole responsibility.

11. Operator does not and will not be liable for any damages, loss or expense incurred for user and / or any third party in connection with any act and / or omission from any third party. Operator shall not be responsible for any action and / or omission of any kind, which are the connection between the user and any third party even if the user learn about the third party and / or about the site of his sales, and / or contact the third party and / or site third-party sales, through a link from DealZone.

12. Site and / or operator and / or their representatives shall not be liable for any dispute arising ​between the user and third parties, and not be responsible for the quality of products, quality availability, and delivery of products and / or services to be provided for user pursue this, including with regard to the terms of the acquisition , procedures for acquisition and delivery of the products and / or services.

13. Operator and / or their representatives shall not be liable, nor shall, directly or indirectly, for any damages of any kind, caused and / or caused to the user and / or any third party due to or as a result of disruption of proofreading, drafting, clerical error, etc. and / or from the use or reliance on information and / or service appearing on the site and / or database of any third party
14. like other content appearing on the Internet, also exposed to the content the user to view and use by any another user on the network, and the operator is responsible for securing the contents of the user and / or any damage and / or loss and / or loss and / or expense incurred by the user and / or any third party by having such content.
15. The information shown on DealZone is not a substitute for consultation with professionals.

16. DealZone has no liability should the user finds information contained on the website inappropriate / or that he objected to the plan and / or that he thinks that is outrageous and / or irritating and / or inappropriate and / or immoral (the "information offensive" ). Since there is no ability of the operator to control the information displayed or distributed by others, will not be running and / or their representatives responsible for any damage caused to the user and / or any third party due to exposure to information affects, and the operator accepts no responsibility for the content and / or information of any site sales and / or any site of any third party contained in any search results or linked to - by the site.

17. DealZone site is a useful aid to the user (hereinafter "support system"), which use it is, personal, subjective and subject to the discretion and sole responsibility of the user. The operator is not involved in any way the data, content or any other information obtained through the aid system. Operator shall not be liable to the user and / or any third party for consequences of using aid system and its contents through. Without limiting the foregoing, the operator may remove or delete any content and / or prevent and / or take any step on its sole discretion at any time find that you are or may become improper use of aid in the site.

18. Operator does not warrant that all links found on the site will work and will lead the user to a website or media channel active. Presence of a link does not imply reliability and / or accuracy of information linked. The operator may cancel a link contained on the site or to avoid adding a new link, all at its sole discretion. Operator does not warrant that there will be no interruption or failure or defect or any failure of the Site it and / or on the Internet and / or any other media in which you and / or through the website's contents are displayed and / or application.

19. The operator is not producing information but is used as a search engine that displays the information presented, published and distributed by third parties as it is (As Is) and runs; accordingly, should not be operator-aiding dissemination of information dissemination or presentation may be construed, expressly or meaning, as a violation of any provisions of law . The operator will do his best to remove from site all information in violation of provisions of law, starting from the date when he finds out about her.

20. Results of the search services of the site are displayed as they are, as obtained from third parties, without warranty of any kind of operator and / or their representatives. Operator is not responsible for any discrepancies in data obtained from third parties, and appear in search results and / or violation of property rights derived from data from third parties.

21. The operator is responsible for security, punctuality, reliability, and performance of search services on the Website and / or on the Internet and / or various media channels which appear and / or appear in the site content and applications. Operator is not responsible for any information or advice received through search services site, and is not responsible for services or products obtained or presented on the web or received through any links provided by the site and / or search services on the Site.

22. Operator displays information about the sellers and sales results in the State of South Africa only, unless otherwise stated.

23. Should not be taken Presentation of data displayed on the site and / or placing a link by running as a suggestion and / or recommendation and / or expression of opinion and / or expression of support and / or opinions and / or encouragement and / or approval or endorsement of operator in relation to sales of any third party and / or services and / or products offered by third party. Operator recommends the user to act as a consumer wise and prudent, and in any case, before an operation, including an acquisition on sales of one of the third parties, to review cautiously and carefully all the information that displays or distributes third-party Web site, and if the third party is a vendor or selling products and / or services (hereinafter "Provider"), Verify here sales of that provider.


24.Operator reserves the right to deny any time for any person who, in his view of the operator making improper use of information displayed on the site, on its sole discretion and without obligation explanation.

25.Operator prohibits the use of the Site to advertise information that is illegal, immoral or which is not offensive or promotes illegal activity, illegal, immoral, libelled, violates the privacy or other violation of law.

Intellectual Property

26. All View, icons, icons (Icons), software that runs the site graphic design and trade secrets, opened by the operator and / Ann by their representatives are the intellectual property of the operator only. Do not copy and / or duplicate and / or distribute and / or publish and / or use the contents stated in this section, if a commercial character and if such non-commercial nature directly or indirectly, in breach or violation of intellectual property of the operator, unless specifically permitted by an operator pre- and in writing.

27. Advertisements shown on the site are the property of the poster. Accordingly, the advertisements should not be used in violation of the right commercial publisher.


28. The operator will not be held responsible for any advertising content or other commercial information published on the site by publishing all that he and including in text, voice or image.

29. Advertising and / or advertisements that appear on the site are not an endorsement or opinion or expression of opinion or encouragement, then he On the other operator, to purchase the product shown in commercial and / or make use of the Service or information presented in advertisements.

30. All of the terms of use regarding limitation of liability Operator will also apply to provisions for advertisements that appear on the site, respectively

31.The operator does not publish actual, but just put the site platform which allows an advertiser or computerized advertising distributor to use the site to display ads only. not receive a payment from the advertiser for the advertising space to be a recognition and / or consent for the content of advertisements.

Privacy Policy

32. Operator shall be entitled to use personal information and user information database, including using "cookies" (cookies). Each user can reconfigure his browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate the cookies sent to him. However, note that the various applications of the site and search services may not function properly if a user refuses to accept cookies.

33. Regarding use of the site and search engine available in it, the user agrees to the collection and use of information on it as described in this Policy and User Agreement.

34. The operator undertakes to do his best means available to maintain the confidentiality of user information submitted when registering to the site. The site will not pass this information to any other outside body.

35. Since it is committing acts of an online environment of the site can not guarantee total immunity from intrusion or exposure to data stored by the perpetrators of illegal actions. If despite the security measures taken by the website by third parties will get to the information secure and maintain the site and / or to misuse, User shall have any claim or demand against the operator or its representative.

36. Website reserves the right to contact the user in email, in writing or orally - all information regarding promotions, novelties, sales and advertising, including on behalf of commercial entities selected, etc., unless you specify to the operator, that does not want it to.

37. Operator agrees that all information or other details, identifies the user, will not be released to third parties unless the user performed an act or omission which might adversely affect the site and / or operator and / or any third party, if the user uses the site for illegal purposes, if The operator is required to do so under the law and in the event of a claim or departments from using the operator.

38. Operator shall not be deemed violation of privacy or violates obligations user's privacy because of all the information, as defined in the computers - 1995, be it to identify the user or to trace it by another, and resulting from the use of electronic media communications in general and in particular computers.

39. The operator can decide to periodically change the privacy policy set out above on its sole discretion. When this policy will be changed the operator will update the relevant provisions of these terms, so a user can always know about the information collected.

Activity on DealZone

40 Site membership is free, and registration is done by entering information user's e-mail to receive a daily email containing selected transactions from the site. In order to identify the user regularly, the user would have to determine a permanent password database.

41. Registration is confirmation that you have read the provisions of these regulations and that you agree to the terms of accession.

42. The site will do all in its power to introduce users to make valid and updated at any time. However, the site does not guarantee that all operations on the site are current and due to the limitations of these and other technologies.

43. Please note that all e-commerce site you reached through the site DealZone rules and how to use his own and you should read carefully and be aware of was and decide to use him.

44. To view the daily deals at displayed on the site, respond to, and receive regular updates to your personal email you sign up as members on the site.

45. If you believe that material on this site violates one of your rights under copyright law, you may appeal at any time of the operator and he will see to find out your arguments and treat them promptly.

User data deletion instructions.

46. If users want us to completely delete their data from our servers, please follow the below steps:
Using the email address you registered with on DealZone, please send a mail to delete@dealzone.co.za.
Please mention the email subject line as “Account Information Deletion Request”.
Please make sure you send the email from the registered email address.
Account executives from DealZone will respond to your email with 3-5 business days..
In some cases, you might be asked to provide certain details to verify that you are the owner of the said account.
Once approved on the email, the account and all its related data will be deleted within 7 working days.

Current operation of the site

47. The operator does not undertake to run the site as it is a period of time or permanently. Operator reserves the right to edit as he sees fit and significant structural changes on the site, cancel, add, change and update all existing functions at any time. Current activities and interference with the functionality of the site, while repairs, alterations and improvements shall not constitute grounds for a lawsuit, claim or demand by using all that. Operator him do our best efforts to allow users to browse and use the site regularly and fixed but not the operator agrees not happen to disruptions, failures or related disorders and related operation of the site and accompanying this session.

48. Operator reserves the right as he sees fit, in its sole discretion, unilaterally and without giving any notice or after the fact the active site, in whole or in part, including the publication of the proposed offering and / or publish all or part of all surfers and / or users and / or surfer or a particular user, and users and / or users will not rise any right of action and / or demand and / or claims against the site for that.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

49. Place exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any issue relating to use of the Site, is exclusively competent courts in johannesburg and the use of this website is subject only to laws of the State of South Africe.