Launched in 2011 in a cooperation with Independent Newspapers, VuvuPlaza is daily deals site that offers a few new deals every day. The partnership between VuvuPlaza and Independent Newspapers, allows VuvuPlaza to offer their deals online as well as offline, which is unique offering in the group buying space in South Africa.

VuvuPlaza mainly focuses on offering discounts on products but the site also contains discount offers on services, such a special massage deals, restaurant deals, vacation deals and other offers. Most of the deals last more than 24 hours and the site also frequently re-offers popular deals that were offered in the past and got sold out.

VuvuPlaza has recently upgraded the site’s look and feel and added new categories such as Vuvu Mobiles, which provides discounts on some of the most popular mobile phones in South Africa, Vuvu Jewelry, which provides discounts on jewelry such as Swarovski crystals and other fashionable items, Vuvu Gateways, which provides discounts on hot vacation gateaways, Vuvu DIY, which provides discounts on do it yourself kits and home improvement equipment, and Vuvu Chef, which provides great deals in some of the leading restaurants in South Africa as well as cooking equipment offers.



For more information check all the live deals by VuvuPlaza or visit:

VuvuPlaza Website

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