Ultimate Guide to at Home Deals

at home deals

Dear friends,

Together, we are dealing with unprecedented times. Many of us are spending the majority of our days at home, practicing the government’s orders of social isolation. As our daily routines take a complete 180 and we are thrown into a state of unknown, we inevitably are dealing with feelings of unease and new challenges.

The situation has left many jobless and on the contrary, has left parents working from home while having to provide childcare for their children. COVID-19 is affecting each and every one of us, in different ways, yet difficult for us all.

DealZone is featuring deals right now to make your time at home as stress-free and efficient as possible. Maybe you’ve got some extra time to kill and learn a new language or you need all the time you can get and a grocery delivery is exactly what you need. Here is our ultimate guide to at home deals.

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Get an Online Course for R19 from Live Online Academy

What’s the Deal? Choice of Online Course – R19

“Unlock your potential, learn new skills and rediscover your passion through learning – what you want, when you want. Join millions of students on the Shaw Academy online learning marketplace and start mastering new skills and achieving goals by learning from the extensive library of courses. From photography to beauty, set yourself apart with certified online courses that are tailored to accommodate busy, working professionals, like you. “

Online Course: Project Management 5 Course Bundle with E-courses4yo

What’s the Deal? Five Course Bundle – R249

“An online course you can do in the comfort of your own home! If you’re looking for core skills that benefit anyone looking to work in business, whether an employee or business owner, then this is the course bundle for you. Through 5 Project Management courses, you will learn what it takes to be an efficient and productive employee, worker or team leader. Aside from this, you will be able to hone your new-found skills in any project you may be apart of, it will truly give you your chance to shine in the workplace and leave a lasting impression.”

Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring from E-courses4you

What’s the Deal? Certificate in coaching and mentoring R99

“Get the Best out of your Employees to Increase Productivity with our incredible course! The Coaching And Mentoring course focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them and strategic goal setting.”

Teaching English as a Second Language Diploma with Vizual Coaching Academy

What’s the Deal? Teaching English as a Second Language Diploma – R299

“With the growth of English as the international language of business and communication English teachers are now finding themselves stretched to capacity. Sign up for this course and gain essential skills to inspire confidence and raise awareness of the benefits and the importance of this fascinating subject.”

Yoga Course

What’s the Deal? Yoga Course – R299

“Are you looking to learn Yoga? Or already know some but want to develop your skills? Then this course is for you! Whether your a beginner or intermediate, you will learn new skills, tips and techniques that will help you develop your current knowledge and appreciation.
This course is great for those who want to learn as a hobby, who want to improve their health, as well as for those who want to eventually train and teach Yoga as a full-time career, as you will be even be taught the advanced techniques.”

e-Careers: Sports Nutrition Diploma for R249 @ E-Careers

What’s the Deal? Sports nutrition diploma – R259

“Whether you are a bodybuilder, a professional athlete or simply exercising to improve your health, sports nutrition plays a key role in gaining maximum benefit from your physical activity. Making better decisions with your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, recovery and injury prevention. If you take part in regular exercise and are looking to gain sound advice and specialist knowledge in this area, then this course is for you.”

Photography Masterclass Course with Vizual Coaching Academy

What’s the Deal? Photography Masterclass Course – R399 

“Get snap happy with this exciting and comprehensive photography course, which includes brand new lessons to coincide with this brand new year! Whether you’re hoping to develop a career in the field, or you’d like to complete the course for personal benefit, this complete guide to photography will ensure you know the difference between aperture and autofocus in no time at all!”

Cupcake Baking Course with e-Careers

What’s the Deal? Cupcake baking course – R199

“Baking cupcakes is an easy, delicious way to practice your baking skills and provide delicious treats to your friends and family. Maybe you aspire to run your own baking business and need somewhere to get started. This cupcake baking course will help you to create cupcakes that you can give to clients who will keep coming back to you thanks to your delightful baking methods.”

Microsoft Excel Course (CPD Accredited) with Excel with Business

What’s the Deal? Online Microsoft Excel – R299

“Are you tired of struggling with Microsoft Excel? Do you want to use Excel with ease to solve complex problems, automate spreadsheets, and master graphs for presentations instead of pulling your hair out? We can help!”

For the Kids

Kids Coding – Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript with e-Careers

What’s the Deal? Kids Coding – Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript – R199

“Are your children keen on technology, or fascinated by how things work? Maybe they spend too much time playing games rather than doing something constructive? Why not get them started on this superb introduction to coding course, which can turn their hobby and fascination into a rewarding skills and career. Not only is this course fun and intuitive, it could set them on the way to becoming a computer programmer, with an average salary of £78k a year! Programming is one of the most in demand skills in the world right now, and in a few years’ time, it will be like a second language to most people – so give your child a head start today!”

DIY Mystery Toolkit for R99 with Be Part of The Mystery

What’s the Deal? Printable DIY Mystery Toolkit – R99

“Enjoy hosting an imaginative event, where guests solve a murder mystery using clues and their own detecting skills. Become the sleuth you’ve always wanted to be as a kid and crack the mystery using only your wits and natural aptitude for unraveling whodunnits…
Play detective, catch a killer and escape to a completely different time while having a one-of-a-kind and fun night in.”

Children’s Acting Academy Course with Vizual Coaching Academy

What’s the Deal? Children’s Acting Academy Course – R299

“Is your child always making up their own shows in their bedroom and talking about how they would love to star in their favourite TV show? Or perhaps they are already in a drama club or can even boast some professional experience in the acting world? Whatever their situation, if they have shown a passion for acting, this online video training is the perfect place for your budding star to work with you to hone their talent and focus on their ambitions.”

Groceries and takeaway

Online Grocery Shopping: Pay R25 and Get R100 Off your First OneCart Order

What’s the Deal? Pay R25 and Get R100 OFF your first OneCart order

“OneCart is South Africa’s trusted online grocery store, where you can shop from multiple stores, in one cart, delivered when it suits you.
We do groceries while you do life – order from Pick n Pay, Dischem, Woolworths, Clicks, CNA, Food Lover’s Market and many more depending on your delivery area. Navigate to onecart.co.za or download the app, check if we service your delivery address, sign up and start shopping – convenience in your pocket!”


Convenient & Healthy Pre-Packaged Meals Including Delivery from Macro Meals JHB

 What’s the Deal? R799 for 13 x Healthy Pre-Packaged Meals

“No need to slave away in front of a stove or spend extra money getting takeout, Macro Meals JHB has got you covered!
We’ll bring a weeks supply of nutritious, portion-controlled and freshly prepared meals to you. Macro Meals, taking care of all your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner needs.”

Family Full Pack to Share at Elachi Comfort Curry – Multiple Locations

What’s the Deal? Family Full Pack to Share – R99

“Take home a finger-licking, aromatic full chicken family feast and share a mouthwatering experience at the restaurant or the comfort of your own home. Step into the world of alluring Indian flavours at Elachi, taking the eating culture from the corner curry house and transforming it into upmarket and modern in design, ambience and the ultimate finished product, their food.”

Choice of Savoury, Meat, Vegetarian or Sweet Treats Platter from Samantha’s Food

What’s the Deal?
Vegetarian Platter – R139, Sweet Treat Platter – R209, Choice of Savoury or Meat Platter – R225

“Introducing Samantha’s Food, catering to all your foodie needs, from delicious and mouth-watering platters in a variety of options, to amazing birthday cakes to celebrate those special people and moments in your life.
With a passion for cooking and baking, Samantha, with care makes Good Food for Good Times!”

Choice of 2 x Indian Vegetarian Wood-fired Pizzas from Go Veg

What’s the Deal? Choice of 2 x Indian Vegetarian Wood-fired Pizzas – R109

“Go Veg, situated in Douglasdale, Fourways, is a pure vegetarian restaurant offering pure vegetarian food as well as organic whole foods with an Indian twist to it. Now you can spoil yourself with delicious pizzas, curries or even burgers. Go Veg is the perfect spot for vegetarians and for any meatless Mondays (any day of the week really) you might indulge in.”

Take-Away: 1 or 2 Whole Chickens with Chips to Share at Weezy’s

What’s the Deal?1 Whole Chicken with Chips – R109, 2 Whole Chickens with Chips – R199

“Hungry? We hope so! Pop in for a takeaway meal experience you won’t soon forget at Weezy’s, situated in Paulshof, Johannesburg. Enjoy a hearty meal from the comfort of your very own home. We cook with only the freshest of ingredients to ensure your dish is mouthwatering and filled with robust flavours.”

Cape Town

28 or 56-Piece Sushi Platter for up to Four at Kobe Sushi Bar – Plumstead

What’s the Deal? 28-Piece Sushi Platter for Two R129, 56-Piece Sushi Platter for Four R255

“This charming and welcoming sushi bar offers a delicious range of appetizing sushi for diners to enjoy. From the nasal-clearing wasabi to palate-cleansing pickled ginger to the crunchy prawn tempura and creamy salmon rose, you’re all set for lunch or dinner.”

Choice of Takeaway Meal at Steelies, V&A Waterfront

What’s the Deal? Choice of Takeaway Meal

  • 2 x Gourmet Double Hotdogs (The Uzzi Special – It’s a double hotdog with cheese, chips, spice and everything nice) R69
  • Chicken or Beef Burger with Chips each for 2 people R69
  • Chicken or Masala Steak Gatsby R119

“The way to anyone’s heart is through food! Are we right?
Steelies Fast Foods understands this like no one else.
What better way to spend your time than sharing a meal with your favourite person (or maybe not when you’re really hungry). 
Steelies serves up only the best quality food for all, from the famous Cape Town gatsby to some special creations like The Uzzi Special, there’s definitely something for the whole family to enjoy!

Takeaway Special: Choice of any 2 Large Pizza’s Including a 1lt Coke at Panarottis Vangate Mall (Halaal)

What’s the Deal? Choice of 2 Large Classic Pizza’s Including a 1lt Coke – R149

“At Panarottis, we’re absolutely passionate about Italian-style food!
Panarottis Vangate Mall is a family-friendly restaurant who remains true to the original Panarottis recipes. They make use of the freshest and finest ingredients, a good dash of Mediterranean flair, and loads of passion – Just like they do in Italy! From breakfast to pizza and pasta and all the way to scrumptious desserts and gourmet milkshakes, there is something on the menu for all!

Takeaway Family Feast: Garlic Flat Bread, Wings, Large Pizza, Pasta and 1L Coke from Panarottis Kenilworth Centre

What’s the Deal? Takeaway Family Feast R249- Garlic Flat Bread, Portion Wings, Choice of 1 x Pizza, Choice of 1 x Pasta (excluding saltimbocca and chicken Milano), 1-litre coke

“At Panarottis, we’re absolutely passionate about Italian-style food!
Panarottis Kenilworth Centre is a family-friendly restaurant who remains true to the original Panarottis recipes. They make use of the freshest and finest ingredients, a good dash of Mediterranean flair, and loads of passion – Just like they do in Italy!”

Takeaway: Choice of Authentic Indian Curry at Indian Express

What’s the Deal? Choice of Authentic Indian Curry per person for 2 or 4 people R129

“Dive into the aroma of tastiest, flavourful Indian curries at Indian Express.
Situated in Parklands, Table view, here you will find the finest authentic cuisine and takeaways reflecting the uniqueness that is Indian food. Delicious, spiciness that’ll reward your tastebud with each mouth-watering bite.  And if you don’t like it hot, we’ll balance the spice, but still, let your taste buds explode with pleasure.”