Citymob was Founded in November 2010 by three local entrepreneurs: Claude Hanan, Luke Jedeikin and Daniel Solomon, and launched in May 2011. Initially, Citymob started of as a standard group buying site and brought cool into group buying with great locally lifestyle deals.  In February 2012, Citymob has closed its standard group buying service and […]

Groupon MyCityDeal

Groupon the largest group buying site in the world, first established in the US, the site offers great discounts on products and services such as Restaurant Deals, Spa Deals, Massage deals, Vacations and Travel deals, Hair Salon Deals, Fashion Deals and much more… Expanding its operations worldwide, Groupon has acquired the South Africa group buying site […]

Catch of the Day

Based on the successful daily deal site concept of Catch of the Day in Australia, Catch of the Day in South Africa was launched in the middle of 2011.  Unlike many other daily deals sites that offer services like restaurants deals, spa deals, massage deals and other services, Catch of the Day focuses only on products and […]