Happy Heritage Day!

Heritage Day is tomorrow! On Saturday September 24th, families and friends alike will join together to celebrate and reflect upon our rich cultural heritage and diversity.

Heritage Day is the among newest of our national holidays, but the day itself was not without significance and history before being adopted and rebranded as a day celebrating South Africa’s rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions.

Traditionally September 24 was formally called Shaka’s Day, in commemoration of the legendary King Shaka kaSenzangakhona, one of the most influential Zulu monarchs who is known for uniting the Zulu empire. Zulu warriors and chiefs chose to honor him on this day and gather at his grave every year. As a symbol of dignity and power for black South Africans, Shaka is remembered for using both spear and diplomacy to conquer other tribes. Today we have expanded this celebration of the diversity of the tribes that Shaka brought together in his kingdom to celebrate the greater diversity of our modern state.

The braai and potjie of course are some of the most natural pastimes that bring people together. It’s the hierdie ding doen ons saam [this thing we do together] and perhaps lies at the heart of what it means to be South African. But we know that there are many ways to celebrate being a proud South African!

Here at DealZone we have provided our subscribers with a taste of the exciting events being staged around the country so that you can go out and show your love and pride this holiday. Take advantage of the holiday weekend and add a little spice to your life by going to an event or take your family out and celebrate being South African!


Johannesburg Deals

20-Minute Speedboat Experience from R420 for Up to Four at Liftjetboard.com

The speedboat experience is the perfect family outing for parents and kids to enjoy together. The scenic route is something to see along the Vaal River. Enjoy some time outdoors aboard a speedboard for a 20 minute experience for up to four people!

Price: 420


30-Minute Life Jet Board Experience from R699 for One at Liftjetboard.com

Designed and built in South Africa, the Lift Jet Board is a great way for individuals to enjoy some time in the water. The ski instructors have more than 25 years watersports experience. Enjoy some time outdoors with a life jet or pack for a 30-minute experience for up to two people!

Price: 699



Pretoria Deals

Horseback Outride with 1kg Steak or Buffet Breakfast at Adventure Horse Riding

Boasting a stable of well-trained horses and specialising in guiding groups on scenic outrides, Adventure Horse Riding is situated in Cullinan and operates Monday to Sunday. Offering a relaxed environment for riders and staffed by friendly professionals; a session is a great way to experience nature on horseback. Riders visiting Adventure Horse Riding will enjoy a delicious steak with sides or a buffet breakfast, before saddling up for an outride for up to four people.

Price: 499 (Value: 1050)



Cape Town Deals

An exquisite 5-Course Taste & Wine Pairing Experience for up to 4 People at Mitre’s Boutique Wine Estate

Wine appreciators, possessing the most discerning palates will easily agree that the exact flavours and aromas that a masterful boutique winemaker is able to elicit, needs to be savoured with every whiff and every sip – whether by a novice or a true connoisseur!

Lola and Bernard extend an invitation to you, to sample their renowned wines, by participating in a wine-tasting experience – go on, accept the invitation!

Price: 99 (Value: 200)



Durban Deals

Robson’s Beer Tasting and Tour from R99 at Shongweni Brewery (Up to 60% Off)

Pulling back the curtain on one of South Africa’s oldest craft beers, beer enthusiasts visit the Shongweni Brewery. With tours lasting between 45 and 90 minutes, groups are taken through a brief history of beer, the history of the brewery and Robson’s brand.

After a tour through the premises and a Q&A session, hop-lovers are treated to a beer tasting. Home to Robson’s Real Beer, one of South Africa’s oldest craft beers, Shongweni Brewery lies nestled within the heart of the Shongweni Valley. Handcrafting a winning beer using only the finest ingredients, the brewery uses natural processes and no artificial additives.

Price: R99 (Value: R200)


Enjoy an island-style potjie feast for 2 at Kaya Beach

Dining at Kaya Beach is different to any other restaurant experience you’ve encountered, guaranteed. At the beach-themed eatery, you won’t have to make difficult decisions regarding meal choice from a comprehensive menu. Kaya Beach supplies the food, drink and island-style ambience, and all you have to bring is a festive, happy attitude.
Feast away on a potjie buffet of mussels, chicken, and veg; rice, bread, and Greek salad also form part of the substantial buffet. Patrons with a sweet tooth can enjoy a South African favourite – koeksisters. End off the meal with a cup of tea or coffee.

Price: 199 (Value: 400)


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