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Groupon the largest group buying site in the world, first established in the US, the site offers great discounts on products and services such as Restaurant Deals, Spa Deals, Massage deals, Vacations and Travel deals, Hair Salon Deals, Fashion Deals and much more…

Expanding its operations worldwide, Groupon has acquired the South Africa group buying site Twangoo in January 2011 and launched its local daily deals service Groupon MyCityDeal (also known as MyCityDeal) under the domain (The domain was bought from Wicount, which is a competitor daily deals site that have registered the domain in South Africa). At the time, Twangoo was the leading group buying site in South Africa, offering new deals in almost every city in South Africa.

Groupon is currently the largest daily deals site in South Africa and have received the most attention among all daily deals sites. Groupon has received mixed reviews about its level of service and though Groupon’s site’s clearly states that the company will “make things right” in case of issue arising, many people have complained about the level of service received (as can be seen on HelloPeter).

Nonetheless, Groupon is by far the leading site in South Africa both in terms of the variety of deals that it offers and its customer reach. Since the final site was launched in August 2011, it has changed the group buying market in South Africa and has made it grow many times than what it was in 2010. It will be interesting to see how Groupon will advance in 2012 and what new surprises will they bring to the group buying arena.

In the meantime, you can take a look at how the Groupon South Africa site looks like

Groupon also have a very active community on Facebook, with nearly 100,000 members Groupon’s Facebook community is the largest group buying fan page in South Africa and one of the largest Facebook communities in South Africa in general.

For more information visit:

Groupon MyCityDeal Website

Groupon MyCityDeal Facebook Page

Groupon MyCityDeal on Twitter

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