Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday (in South Africa)

Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Although originated, well established and celebrated mainly in the United States, Black Friday (along with Cyber Monday and other similar initiatives) has gained worldwide fame and prominence, turning into an international phenomenon and a well known event (for shoppers, mainly) across the globe, and even here, in South Africa. […]

Happy (Belated) Women’s Day 2014!

Happy (belated) Women’s Day! National Women’s Day, a public holiday commemorating the national march of women on the Union Buildings in Pretoria, August 9, 1956, is a unique opportunity to recognize, appreciate and cherish the power and strength of public protest and human spirit. This day reminds us that individuals are able to make real and genuine […]

Happy Father’s Day 2014!

Happy almost Father’s day everybody! Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize and appreciate the contribution that fathers and father-figures put forth to make their children’s lives. Father’s day is intended to celebrate fatherhood and male parenting. Although celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, most countries observe the day on the 3rd Sunday in […]