Catch of the Day

Based on the successful daily deal site concept of Catch of the Day in Australia, Catch of the Day in South Africa was launched in the middle of 2011.  Unlike many other daily deals sites that offer services like restaurants deals, spa deals, massage deals and other services, Catch of the Day focuses only on products and tries to surprise its customers with a new attractive product offer every day.

Catchoftheday offers products in many categories, such as kids and babies toys, home and kitchen appliances, electronics, books, clothing, beautiy products and much more…  to avoid confusion and to allow its customers to easily decide whether they would like to purchase the offered deal, Catchoftheday has decided to focus on offering only ONE new product deal a day.  The daily catches that are being offered normally provide a great discount of up to 70%.

New catches are offered daily at 12:00am and are available for 24 hours or until they are sold out.  Since quantities are normally limited, if you are interested in purchasing a product, you should act quickly before it runs out…

Catchoftheday provides a secure checkout with SSL support and though the company is based in Johannesburg, national products delivery are available on almost all deals.  In addition, Catchoftheday provides an advanced back-end system allows customers easily see where their product are at any time.

Happy catching!

For more information check all the live deals by Catch of the Day or visit:

Catch of the Day Website

Catch of the Day Facebook Page

Catch of the Day on Twitter

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