Best Daily Deals in South Africa | March 2012

We decided to collect all the deals that made it big time this month and put them in one post. We really hope that you managed to grab at least a few of them but if you didn’t, we can promise to bring you great deals in April too!



#1 – A Vodacom Super Rugby ticket to the MTN Lions vs. DHL Stormers Rugby Match at Coca-Cola Park – by Wicount

With nearly 1150 coupons sold, this deal was the top deal in March. With 50% discount, selling at R35 instead of R70, all tickets ran out shortly after the deal went live.  If you dind’t get to go, it was a great match! Eventually, the stormers remained unbeaten after winning 24-19.

 #2 – Breakfast Buffer at Lord Neethling Restaurant – by CitySlicker

The crowd has voted with its mouth, at 50% discount (R50 instead of R100), nearly 750 couples feasted on this breakfast buffet deal at Lord Neethling Restaurant.


 #3 – a Meaty Fiesta at Coco Bongo – by CitySlicker

Over 500 (carnivorous) couples purchased this coupon and enjoyed a 300g Sirloin or Rump steak at only R99 (instead of R198).


 #4 – A bouquet of flowers at NetFlorist – by UbuntuDeal

Over 350 people purchased this coupon at 55% discount (R90 instead of R200) and spoiled their loved ones with a bouquet of flowers at NetFlorist, did you get one too?

 #5 – A full body massage and an English breakfast at Hands on Retreat – by Wicount

Over 330 people purchased this coupon at a crazy 64% discount (R180 instead of R500) and relaxed with a great massage at Hands on Retreat


  1. Grace Hlatshwayo
    Grace Hlatshwayo
    April 11, 2012 at 6:42 am

    Have to agree, evn got myself two of the Coco Bongo deals.
    Thanx 4always bringing us Best Deals, Keep it up.

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