8 Great Ways to “Spoil Yourself” in September

September has been a rough, rigorous month for all of us. Between our work, our children and every other part of our daily lives, there is very little time to relax. However, sometimes, all it takes to refresh our minds is a couple hours of being spoiled at a spa.

Because we understand that concept here at DealZone, we have put together a special arrangement of deals for all those wishing to release themselves even if just for a short amount of time. Take a glance at the list we have made below for all of you that would like to participate in a “spoil-yourself” deal of the month. Enjoy relaxation! 🙂


Durban Deals:

Couples Spa Packages at Ambrosia Wellness Spa

Being in a relationship can be hard, especially when you’re always forgetting what his favourite rugby team is. Take some time off to enjoy each other’s company with couples spa packages at Ambrosia Wellness Spa. Price: R340.99(Value: R850)

Mantra Facial, Deep Tissue Massage with Foot Therapy at Enchanted Day Spa

Rejuvenate your bedraggled body after a winter spent bearing multiple layers to keep the chill at bay, with a Mantra facial and a deep tissue massage with a foot therapy session, for one or two people, at Enchanted Day Spa. Price: R570(Value: R1,900)


Pretoria Deals:

Aromatherapy Massage with Exfoliation at All Wellness Spa

The shoulders carry much of the body’s tension, as well as the body’s finite supply of shrugs. Let go with a full body Aromatherapy massage with an optional head massage and back exfoliation at All Wellness Spa. Price: R229(Value: R740)

Full Body and Indian Head Massage at Internal Beauty Spa

Like fingerprints, everyone has a unique way of relaxing, whether it’s driving to work in reverse or hugging trees. Slay your stresses with a full body massage and an Indian head massage for one or two people at Internal Beauty Spa. Price: R360(Value: R1,500)


Cape Town Deals:

Be refreshed with organic fish nibble manicure and pedicure treatments

Enjoy a totally organic and extraordinary manicure and pedicure treatment at the upmarket and trendy Le Fish Spa, who utilize tiny toothless fish to assist in the removal of all dry and rough skin. Price: R149(Value: R350)


Experience the award-winning Bakwena Deluxe at Santé Hotel & Spa in Paarl with luxurious spa packages

Revitalising package includes a welcome drink upon arrival, and a relaxing massage (30-min), which is sure to ease all the aches and pains of your weary body. Indulgent package is taken to the next level of decadence with a luxurious pedicure, which will have your feet looking like a pretty little picture. Price: R599(Value: R1,120)


Johannesburg Deals:

Pay only R80 for a Paint and Buff, from Brazilian Boutique

Don’t look like you just stepped off The Flying Dutchman (that’s a pirate ship, not a supporter at a Bulls game). Get your nails sorted out and ensure that you look and feel absolutely stunning with this great deal. Price: R80(Value:R200)


Facilitating full body relaxation with a variety of deep strokes and massage techniques, a full body massage helps patrons to function at their best by ousting tension and pain from limb federations. Price: R228(Value: R570)


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